White House Taxi

Owen sent me this picture from his latest trip to Trujillo. What we have here is apparently a taxi service that calls themselves “Casa Blanca” and who identify themselves with a poorly photoshopped image of the white house with a couple crappy Ticos parked on the lawn.  Here’s a close-up of the shield:

Oh, and apparently the Peruvian shield has been superimposed over the top of the white house.
I guess this image is just to evoke the kind of quality taxi service you’re going to get from “casa blanca” taxis. Maybe they’re trying to imply that they run everything at a deficit, and despite the fact that each taxi run costs them S/. 5 in gas, they only charge S/. 1.
“16 Trillion Dollars of Debt is our Goal” here at Casa Blanca Taxis!
Somebody needs to let them know that most people are put out of business when they operate like that.

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