Why Do Drugs have to Be Illegal?

I received a very interesting comment the other day on my article about Johnny Depp’s film “Blow” (click here to read the article and comment), and it got me thinking again about some subjects that I’ve been intending to write about.

Forgive the above picture, I decided to look through my collection for a photo of a pharmacy that I hadn’t published before, and this was the only one I could find (that’s the way it goes, the next time I look for a photo of Machu Picchu, I guarantee all I’m going to find are pictures of pharmacies).
For years I’ve been telling people how it’s ridiculous that people in America pay five or ten times as much for medications that they could get in Peru for a fraction of the cost.  The great thing about living in Peru is that a person can afford to take the medications that doctors have told them they need.  This isn’t the case in the US.  Clearly, the fact that the same medications can be sold throughout the world at a fraction of the cost that they’re available for in the US shows that there’s a health care gestapo in existence that drives up prices so that certain small groups of people can live in ridiculous wealth (seriously, are you going to argue that point with me?).
But what I find even more strange is the whole concept of making ANY drugs illegal.  You’d think the Republicans would be all over this because they always claim they want less interference from the government in a person’s life (except for when it comes to things like abortion, gay marriage, the Patriot act [Democrats are equally guilty on that little legislative slap in the face to any Veteran who died protecting America’s freedoms], and defending RELIGION’S right to totally dictate how a person should spend his/her life).  I mean, seriously, if a person WANTS to just blaze themselves out of existence, why don’t we just let them?  The world is overpopulated as it is, and if some guy or gal decides that the whole focal point of their life should be a three week heroin trip ending in death, who are we to tell them that’s wrong?
The worst of it is, it’s impossible to have a reasonable discussion about this topic with just about anyone, because people are either: A. too conditioned in the current “socially acceptable belief” to even ENGAGE your argument or B. too afraid of the consequences if they do.
For some reason, people insist on making this a moral issue, which essentially renders it meaningless because if there’s ONE thing the human race has NEVER agreed upon it is what is or isn’t moral (my personal solution is to abandon morality entirely).
The hilarious thing is when you get a politician who claims that he or she makes his/her decisions based on what is moral.  Newsflash, politicians don’t care about MORALITY they care about VOTES and EVERYTHING a politician does is in some way, shape or form connected to getting votes.  If the general public is against legalizing drugs and a politician can get elected on that platform then that’s the platform they’ll run on, simple as that.  Thinkers don’t belong in politics, politicians are very much puppets.
The evidence I have to support this fact is that there was a Peruvian political candidate recently who was actually running on a platform of legalizing drugs (I posted something about this a while ago, I’ll see if I can find it).  I thought it was a pretty interesting point of comparison between the general Peruvian population and the American population.  Peruvians were a lot more willing to at least look at the facts behind such an idea, and not just start throwing down fire and brimstone.
But really, when it comes right down to it, why are certain incapacitating drugs illegal?  Let’s face it, it’s not a public danger issue since alcohol is legal and you’re just as likely to crash a car into a shopping mall while drunk as you are while hallucinating on shrooms or jonesing for a fix.
Over time, repetitive drug use does have extremely adverse health effects, but we know that the American people don’t care about ensuring the health of their fellow citizen (the reaction to Obamacare showed us that).
So what’s the problem?
My belief is that there’s an underlying understanding that for America to work, the country needs a population of “worker drones” (basically non-thinking individuals who do shitty tasks), who are socially conditioned to be fairly miserable and brain dead (you’d have to be to do some of the shitty jobs out there), and who are susceptible to falling into a “glorious death by drug use” which is the only pseudo approximation of glory people like that are ever going to experience (“Brave New World” kind of touches on this idea).
Anyway, so the only reason drugs are illegal is to ensure the preservation of this “bottom of the rung” working class, not for their benefit, but for the benefit of the privileged who reap the rewards of their labors.
That and the fact that making drugs illegal drives the price WAAAAYYYY up, thus making it a HUUUUGE cash cow (like prescription medicine is).
You can’t really blame anyone for putting this system in place, it’s just sort of evolved, but what a beautiful and devious way to manipulate and control the general population.  You almost have to admire it.  But in don’t so, you’d be an idiot to pay full price for any kind of medication you choose to take (I believe in freedom so I believe in choice…isn’t it fun to pervert those ever-present sound-bytes?).
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