Why is the page called “Streets of Lima” when you have a Picture of Machu Picchu on the Header?

Many people have come to my web page only to ask me later, “Why is your page called ‘Streets of Lima’ (Cheap Flights to Lima) when there is a picture of Machu Picchu in the header?”

Well, usually I drop kick those people in the face just to get their attention, then I proceed to explain in a long winded, irritating manner that usually makes them fall asleep (or maybe they just drift into unconsciousness).
Years ago, I had been chit chatting with my friend Sam about starting a blog about Peru.  We bandered (not a word…but it should be) ideas for a while and had everything all set to roll, and then we never bothered to do it.  A couple decades passed, continents shifted on their tectonic plates, species died and were reborn, and eventually I decided to revisit the idea of the blog.
Initially Sam and I had decided on the name “Streets of Peru.”  Sam had registered the domain name right then and there.  At first, I thought to myself that I couldn’t use that name, so I tried to think of something else.  But try as I might, I couldn’t come up with a name I liked better than Streets of Peru.  So I tried to see if the domain name had expired…but it hadn’t.  So I put in a claim for the name so it would revert to me in case it ever got renewed.  But in the mean time, I decided I had to have a new name, so I finally just settled on “Streets of Lima.”
“Streets of Lima” had the disadvantage of not having the word “Peru” in the title, but in some ways it’s more accurate since streets are more commonly associated with a city than with a country.  So I started up my blog, and then I attached streetsoflima.com so that it forwards to my free blogspot address (which happens to be: http://streetsofperu.blogspot.com/ …incidentally I did eventually obtain streetsofperu.com, so that also forwards to my blogspot address in case you were wondering).
However, the whole streetsofperu.com thing didn’t happen until I’d been typing in “streetsoflima.com” for about four months, so I just never bothered to reprogram my brain to switch over.
Still, none of this has anything to do with why Machu Picchu is on the header…
Well, I guess there’s the OBVIOUS reason that if the web page were named “Streets of Peru” then it would be reasonable to have Machu Picchu in the header.  But since the name is “Streets of Lima” I figure I have to have a justification for including the Picchu.
Here it is:
“The street that takes you to Machu Picchu, one way or another, BEGINS in LIMA (LAN Flights)!”
So there!

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