World War Z Review

How do you like my photo? It’s a crappy camera shot of a movie theater promotional display. You’ll note (maybe) that “World War Z” has been translated to “Guerra Mundial Z.” That’s because I took this picture at Cineplanet Primavera at great risk to myself. They get super paranoid when you take pictures inside of movie theaters or any public place for that matter in Peru. In fact, a security guard walked up to the middle center of the theater and announced that we weren’t allowed to take any pictures. All that’s kind of ridiculous when you consider just how powerful of recording devices most people’s new generation cell phones are…but whatever.
On to the movie.
I liked it.
Although it’s listed as a “terror” film, “World War Z” is more of an action thriller than terror. I kind of figured that when I saw that it starred Brad ArmPitt. He’s reached the level of being bland as yellow cheese. You know it’s not going to be some weird flick that was made for 8 dollars and only got any notoriety because a 6 year old girl eats the intestines of a 83 year old man in the film (although it’s kind of a shame that such a scene hasn’t yet made it to mainstream in the US or anywhere…).
I’ve been reading that some of the critics has been mixed about the film. The word I’ve been hearing is “uneven” which means that the critic is jealous that he/she hasn’t ever signed a movie deal so he/she needs to nitpick over stupid details.
The word I’d use for “World War Z” is intense. I haven’t been as gripped by a film since I saw “Taken.” The action starts relatively quick. You know the scene you’ve seen in the trailers? The one where the motorcycle cop gets hit by the dump truck? That happens about 30 seconds in to the film. I was almost annoyed by how prematurely that moment had arrived. Normally you have about 45 minutes of BS to sit through before you have to worry about tossing your popcorn back up. But no…about 30 seconds in people were twitching in the throes of undeadness and chasing little children around while getting their brains beaten in by crickett bats (actually there were no cricket bats…strike two “World War Z”).
The early parts of the film are the best as people try to figure out just what the heck is going on. The second they know what is going on, the movie loses some steam. The highlight of the film, for me, was a moment of dialogue when a virologist discusses what a terrible serial killer Mother Nature is. However, the fact that this dialogue has a root in science and the scientific method might make it offensive for imbeciles who believe in religion and other forms of irrational thinking. 
Bit by bit, ArmPitt chases around the world looking for a “cure” or something to Zombiism, which he finds a little too easily, and the “climactic” scene lacks a bit of punch compared to what has come before (sort of like how the best fight scene in “Empire Strikes Back” happens on hoth), but hey…that fight scene on hoth is frickin’ cool, and so is the rest of “World War Z.” I’d recommend it, but eat a bunch of lasagna before you go. Also, freak out and start chasing people out of the theater to make the film more real for them.
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