Writing in Lima, Peru

I was digging through some old photos and I came across this one of me writing in   my tiny old room back in about, I don’t know, 2004 or 2005.  As you can see, I used to hook my old crusty keyboard up to my computer back then, but I’ve since given up on that nonsense and just use my laptop’s keyboard.  The reason I used to hook up the external keyboard is because the little laptop keyboard always felt kind of cramped, but I like the keyboard on my current little computer.
Then, as now, I had a Toshiba laptop.  But in between that laptop and the one I’m writing on now, I had a Gateway that was really a piece of junk (hey gateway, if you send me $1000 I’ll write a new article saying how great your computers are and delete this article…or at least the anti-gateway line in this article).  Actually, that whole gateway fiasco was provoked by the last time I went to Best Buy…Best Buy also sucks by the way (hey Best Buy…I’ll offer you the same deal as I just offered Gateway).  I was in Best Buy on the verge of buying a Toshiba when the salesman convinced me I could get a Gateway with more features for like $50 less, and like an idiot I went that way.  Then I had to sit and listen to the bullshit two hour spiel from the idiot, uninformed Best Buy employee about all the great Best Buy hardware I should buy and the year long service plan I should sign up for and blah…blah…blah.  They get PISSED if you insist on not listening to that bullshit, and their rude and disrespectful behavior was what caused me to go to Toshiba direct to get my current computer.  You just log in, select the computer you want, add the upgrades you want, and presto…no listening to bullshit, idiot sales associates at Best Buy who are pushy and rude bastards 🙂
Anyway, that old Toshiba you see on my desk had something like a 17 gigabyte hard drive which was HUGE at the time.  These days you get that much memory on a camera memory card.  That’s OK because I only had a 1 megapixel camera.
Also, you can see my shiny semi-new external CD drive which I had to buy because my computer didn’t have a CD burner.  I’d even had a Zip drive for a while, until I realized that it was cheaper to buy blank CDs than 
blank Zip disks.  Gosh…whose idea was the Zip drive anyway?  The thing was like backing up your hard drive on a cassette tape.
You can see my Spanish/English dictionary was close at hand, and off to the left, was a back up supply of toilet paper (precious stuff in Lima).
Sigh…the good old days!
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