Yahoo Accounts Freeze Up in Peru

Ok, this is exactly the type of thing that I started this web page up for…to expose when the people of the internet get too damn clever for their own good and screw things up for the whole world.

My latest little packet of rage has to do with my Yahoo account.
After a long six months of working for free as a student teacher (actually I didn´t even work for free…I frickin PAID to have a full time job so that frickin´sucked), I decided to come down to Peru for a little R & R.
Well, the first thing I did was go and try to access my Yahoo account.  Now, I have a whole bunch of accounts which I shuffle about, but my Yahoo is my oldest account and I rely on it for certain boring, bookeeping things.
Anyway, I went into a Peruvian internet cafe (which is always a bad frickin´ idea) and I tried to sign into my account only to have the screen look at me and say “what the F are you talking about? we have no frickin´ idea who you are.”
So then I got forwarded to a bunch of “recover your clave screens” none of which were in the least bit helpful since they all referred me to emails that I have no recollection of typing in to Yahoo.  The idea was that they were going to send a new password to one of my other email accounts, and they helpfully let me choose which accounts they were to send to by putting ······  The trouble was, the number of asterisks didn´t line up with any account that I rememberd.  Also, I couldn´t access ANY of my Yahoo accounts, so anything that was ······· was USELESS!
It seems pretty clear that this isn´t a case of my account being “hacked” or “compromised” but that Yahoo got clever about not letting people in foreign countries access your account.  The trouble is, this bullshit policy which is meant for your protection completely overlooks teh fact that maybe YOU¨RE ON VACATION!
Now I’m sure I get to look forward to a bunch of irritating chats or messages or phone calls with Yahoo personnel who are all going to be convinced that the error was somehow mine instead of theirs.  Too bad all of Yahoo seems to be off limits to people with American accounts traveling in Peru.
In the meantime, those of you who need to talk to me are better off contacting me at Facebook.
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