You Can Travel Safely in Peru, If You’re Not an Idiot

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Owen just sent me this link which unfortunately relates the tale of two Finnish tourists who were duped into hiking out to some secluded place on the outskirts of Trujillo where they were reportedly raped at gunpoint. Now, Owen called me up about this yesterday and he made a couple really good points. First and foremost, why is this story getting no attention? Where are the $17,000 in charitable donations that the “Nightmare in Peru” people got? Would the “Nightmare in Peru” people be willing to donate some money to help these people out since they were the beneficiaries of so much charity themselves?
Owen’s reaction was to say that this is just further evidence that the media simply doesn’t do its job. Things like rapes and brutal attacks should be picked up by the media and discussed so that the perpetrators can be stopped. Now, as recently as a month ago I would be willing to think that maybe the mainstream media isn’t picking these things up because they aren’t true. However, I’m not inclined to think that anymore. I believe that the state of journalism, not just in the US, but in the whole world, is a complete joke. I believe that reporters spend more time tending to their farm on Facebook than they spend on investigative reporting. It’s all a big joke funded by old money and nobody cares about the truth.
We don’t have all the facts about any of these cases, but seriously folks, you can’t just hike off into the wilderness with the first person you meet in a foreign country.  You can’t do that.
I kept myself safe when I traveled, the rules are simple:

  • Keep a low profile
  • Don’t engage in conversation with strangers who come prancing up to you
Look, everybody in the country is not a “guide.” Take reasonable cautions to protect yourself and you’ll be fine. Let the predators prey on the hordes of other stupid tourists who come to the country, and be safe yourself.
I hear about this kind of thing every day. Yes, the perpetrators should be stopped, but the media and local law enforcement just isn’t going to do it. You’re better off endeavoring to protect yourself. And look, I have two daughters and the thought of anything happening to them terrifies me, but the thought of them relying on somebody else to come and save them terrifies me even more. I’ll be teaching them how to protect themselves because it’s the only way you can get COMPETENT protection!
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