Zucaritas, the Peruvian Equivalent of Frosted Flakes

Hey…here you go!  You can’t beat a good old box of Frosted Flakes!  Actually, sometimes when you’re traveling internationally, you get this longing for something familiar.  There are times when traveling in South America that your stomach will go south on you.  This is not because there is anything wrong with South America, it’s because you’re WEAK because you’ve been drinking too much anti-bacterial soap right out of the bottle and it’s made your whole immune system go straight to the john (that’s where bird flu came from by the way).
Anyway, on days like that, it’s nice to hunker down with a big bowl full of Frosted Flakes, or Zucaritas as they’re called in Peru.  Use skim milk if you feel like a bit more of a “watered down” flavor, or Whole Milk if you want it to taste like a creamy dream (in the good sense of ‘creamy dream’).
I like the fact that Zucaritas uses a pretty much exact Tony the Tiger lookalike, but instead of saying, “They’re Grrrrrreat” they kind of twisted and manipulated the phrase so he says “Grrrriqisimas!”  I guess you have to take any “r” you can get when you’re translating an animal growl and morphing it with a word for the sake of a slogan.
I have a tremendous history with Frosted Flakes.  Back when I was in grade school I didn’t like peanut butter and jelly, so I used to bring a little bag of cereal for lunch (you could always get milk at the school back before the Republicans and Catholics decided that giving milk to kids was offensive to God somehow).
Anyway, me…gasp…eating cereal for lunch caused a huge scandal because…well, I don’t even know why.  I only remember that it culminated in my parents having to come in and have a meeting with the principal and the head nutritionist to talk about my bizarre eating habits.
That was perhaps the beginning of my total contempt for the American school system, a contempt which has not failed to ebb throughout my entire life.  So if you’re going to school in Peru and you need something to eat, I recommend Zucaritas, they’re “Gricisimaaaas!” but instead of letting the teacher see you eat them, you’ll avoid problems by grinding them up and just snorting them on the sly like cocaine.
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