Zulma Feeding the Monkey

I’ve probably written about this photo before, but the subject of Monkey feeding is a good one and should be revisited from time to time. In this image, Zulma is standing on Monkey Island in Puerto Maldonado (you have to learn to sword fight by walking around and engaging the locals who teach you insults which you can then cleverly use to defeat the sword master…no, not really).

Monkey Island is filled with monkeys, and the guide who takes you to Monkey Island has a whole bag of banannas he gives you to feed to them (thus disrupting their normal diet of…er…banannas).

The only thing you have to be careful about on Monkey Island is the fact that the Monkeys are more than a little bit used to human beings, and they’ll pretty much come over and snatch at anything that has even the slightest streak of yellow on it (so don’t wear a yellow hat…but if you’re into that kind of thing I suppose you could put on a pair of yellow overbriefs…though a monkey has a none too gentle touch…so I’ve heard).

Anyway…the other difficult thing about feeding the monkey is that it happens so fast it’s hard to get a decent picture of the actual grab. You know how these damn digital cameras are, you push the button and it takes a photo like 3 seconds later (a lifetime when you’re in the business of action photos). So you have to anticipate when the monkey is going to make its grab and then hit the button 3 seconds in advance of the actual moment…it almost can’t be done.

Still, I got the above picture which really isn’t so bad.

And for all of you who clicked on the link to this blog just on the basis of the title and are SORELY disappointed by the content of this article…SHAME ON YOU!

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