Zulma With a Big Hershey’s Chocolate Bar

Here’s my wife from Peru posing with the world’s biggest Hershey’s Chocolate Bar in Chicago, Illinois.  That’s the great thing about going to a big city like Chicago, you find these stores that are so specialized that they could never in your life stay in business in a small town.  But Chicago is so tremendously mindbogglingly humongous that it can actually support stores that do nothing but sell enormous bars of chocolate.

We didn’t end up buying the enormous bar of chocolate, however, because…well for one thing it was like $40…but also when you have such a massive quantity of chocolate lying around, you can’t help but EAT it, and I don’t think that even I could eat that much chocolate without getting really sick. The other possibility is that you don’t eat it, and then you have a hot bar of chocolate melting in your car leaving a horrible sticky mess and attracting ants (god…I sound like a little old lady…but it’s true…imagine driving around with a long, industrious line of ants chasing your car everywhere and setting up a bucket brigade like ants do…but instead of handing off buckets, they’d be handing off bits of chocolate…horrible).
Switching gears a little bit, I have to say that Zulma was quite impressed by Chicago. Being from a serious city like Lima, Peru, Zulma didn’t see all that much of interest in the Twin Cities (and let’s face it, the Twin Cities are pretty minor metropolitan areas). However, Chicago is the real deal, and although it’s kind of overlooked on the world page (always overshadowed by places like Paris, New York, London, etc.) Chicago has god everything you could ask for.
I wouldn’t say that Chicago is necessarily a beautiful city, but it certainly is awe inspiring. When you get down town the buildings just overwhelm you. Oddly, whenever I’m there I’m reminded of that Monty Python short where the accountants take over the building and then sale it off into the distance (you probably don’t know what the hell I’m talking about…but just go with it).
Anyway, Chicago rocks in all things except football (for that enterprise, Green Bay Wisconsin is superior to all the other cities in the world).

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  1. Howard Studstill

    I know what the hell you are talking about!! Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life" an excellent movie.

  2. 09/28/2016

    Yea but did you explain to Zulma where Hershey Bars are from????

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