Chocolate Covered Almonds from Wong

Yup, they have trays like this in Peru too. At some point it would be nice to just stand there and pick at every single candy available. But for me, there is only one reigning champion, the chocolate covered almond.

Back in the old days before my wife and I were married, we used to meet up with each other after work on Friday and go to a hotel where we’d sit in bed and eat crossaints with fine cheese, drink wine, and finish it off with a big bag of chocolate covered almonds. Really, it doesn’t get any better than that.

However, getting the almonds is generally a little bit of a chore. For everything that I love about Peru, one thing is true and that is that there isn’t a great emphasis on customer service in this country. You tend to end up waiting for a long time for everything (which isn’t an insurmountable problem here because you could probably hire somebody to go and get everything for you for about 3 dollars a day).

The result, as it applies to almonds, is that you end up waiting beside the counter for five minutes with the bag of almonds in your hand for the guy to eventually get off the phone with his girlfriend and weigh the damn things. Needless to say, it’s frustrating, especially when the wine’s getting warm and the crossaints are getting cold and you just want to get to the hotel after a hard day’s work.

But, as always, I’m here to help, and I’ve figured out a way to get people to weigh your bag faster.

Instead of just standing there placcidly with a furious look on your face, it’s better to stare at the server and slowly, but inevitably, take almond after almond from your pre-weighed bag, and chew on them as loudly and as happily as you can. The more almonds you get to eat before they eventually weigh the bag, the better.

One of the little mysteries of the universe that I’ve never been able to figure out, is why people who are employed at crappy jobs (like grocery store teller) get all bent out of shape when you start doing something against the rules like eating the chocolate covered almonds before paying for them. What do the tellers care? They’re making 2 cents a day! But, for some reason, they do, and you are usually only able to eat nine or ten before they jump to it and weigh the bag.

A word of advice, try to aim for 10 Soles worth. Any more than that and you don’t feel well and it’s hard to enjoy the movie.

There’s a Wong on the Ovalo de Gutierrez if you need to go there now for your almonds!

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