I’ve Been Through the Green Card Process—They’re Vetted

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Those of us who have endured the process from visa applicant to US citizen did as we were told, paid the fees that were required of us, achieved every requirement requested, all on the faith that the US government was as good as its word. All of these things were checked on numerous occasions. There was a promise that the green card would mean something. To see that promise go unfulfilled for others is a difficult break in trust to mend.

Our lawyer helped us with the final part of the journey and we obtained my wife’s citizenship several years ago. That part took place in the Twin Cities, and of all the steps that one was the closest to being treated with respect and dignity. But even when they handed us the certificate of citizenship, there was still an air of “we’re watching you.” The feeling of finishing that journey brought about a sense of relief rather than a desire to celebrate.

Now my family travels with US passports. When my wife obtained her citizenship, I thought we would be under the protection of the US government. However, that protection was also promised for green card holders, and we’ve already seen that promise broken. A green card holder is a legal permanent resident of the United States. These are vetted citizens who have offered more information about themselves than the current president of the United States. If legal permanent residents who are tax-paying, law-abiding citizens and the parents and family members of natural-born citizens can be denied entry to the US, is anyone safe? How long until naturalized citizens are denied? How long until the state treads upon the rights of everyone? Let us hope the Trump travel ban represents the end of government overreach rather than the beginning.

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