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An Overview of Immigrating to Peru

Immigrating to another country requires careful consideration of a plethora of variables, and your legal status in your new country is easily one of the biggest issues you’ll have to face. Expect some frustration along the way. Bureaucracy is a disease that plagues the Peruvian government, although with the recent election of Pedro Pablo Kuczynsky things have been trending in the right direction. The immigrations office is no longer the soul-crushing experience that it used to be, but it’s still no walk in the park for the uninitiated.

The word trámites is going to become your new favorite expletive. It’s one of those peculiar words that doesn’t really have a proper translation although most people like to call it “paperwork.” In reality it goes beyond filling out forms. It includes other thrilling activities such as waiting in lines, spending money, howling in rage, and fantasies of going postal. Immigrating isn’t very difficult, it’s time consuming more than anything.

For a fee it’s possible to take the bulk of the work off your hands by hiring a tramitador, a person who specializes in having free time. Streets of Lima can refer you to reputable people who can do this for a reasonable price, or you can follow our guides and do it yourself. Be wary of strangers who offer to help with trámites, as with most things in Peru it’s best to have a personal recommendation.

Fortunately you have me to simplify things for you. Follow the advice here and you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches, hassles, and hair loss.

Arriving to Peru for the first time as a Tourist

Getting a resident visa

Five Tips for Smooth Immigration to Peru

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