The Deadliest Sidewalk in Peru

 Ok, this is a great idea.  The sidewalk that you see in the foreground just terminates right into the off-ramp to the Via Expressa.  What that means is that if you’re walking around right there you have to make a desperate sprint to the opposing street or risk being run down by wacko traffic that never ceases to fail to have their indicator lights on.
This sidewalk of death is right in the middle of my run, and every day you can see a spike right in the middle of my data as I did a 4 minute mile for the 50 yards it takes to cross this danger zone.  See how that taxi to the left is blurry?  It’s because the drivers freak out about hitting highway speed and start to accelerate a hundred meters away from the off ramp.  It’s lethal.  You get a better idea of the distance involved from this picture:
There you go.  Keep in mind that instead of looking in this direction I should have been looking to the left because SMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAASHHHHHHHHHH!!!!  Here comes a big truck (you get the idea)!!!

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