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What’s up Streets of Lima readers?  I’ve been terribly negligent over the last few months, but with good reason.  I’ve got a lot of good news for you.  Last month my wife was nationalized as a US citizen…so I no longer have any reason to hold back on my criticisms of the US (theoretically you never have a reason to hold back when you’re born in the “land of the free”…but pesky reality sometimes colors the actual implementation of your rights).  I hired a lawyer for the process and you can read about him here.  He said that he’s actually gotten quite a few clients from Peru lately and he attributes it to me, so I guess I’m having some influence on the world.

At some point I might write up the whole process of getting naturalized.  To sum it up, you really have to just take a deep breath and accept that you aren’t going to be treated the best.  This lasts right up to the moment that they swear you in and give you your certificate and you almost have to remind yourself that you don’t have to take shit anymore.  A friend of mine asked, “well…I guess they can’t deport her now.”  To which I responded, “no more than they can deport you.”

I am grateful that my wife obtained her citizenship, but you have to understand that there is an extreme amount of stress that goes with the whole process.  It’s hard to bring your wife, the person you love, into a government office and have them subjected to any kind of evaluation.  You only have to take a look at how perfectly reasonable people and issues are handled in the daily media to be absolutely terrified as to how your loved ones are going to be treated.  It’s better to not have attention drawn to yourself.

But more details for that on another day.

Some other good news is that lately my most recent release “The Reader of Acheron” was featured in the fantastic Fantasy journal “Black Gate.”  Please check out the review here and leave a few comments so they know to take my work seriously.  Also, Perseid has been working through my Peru manuscript so I’ll have an announcement on that in a month or so.

Ok, that’s enough for now!  Best to all of you!

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