Woman By Haiti in Miraflores

Whenever I arrive in Lima, I use an old blackberry telephone. I’m only going to be here for a couple months, and it’s stupid to spend the money on a phone upgrade.

Well, the other day I sat down and pulled a bunch of images off the memory just for the heck of it. I found this picture of a burdened woman standing outside the window at Cafe Haiti. It took quite a bit of time using both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to get the image at all presentable.

Anyway, I started chuckling to myself because I briefly considered posting the comment to the “Expatriates of Lima” Facebook page. Here’s how the responses would go:

Random American: Did you pay that woman to take her picture?
Random American: Man, it’s great to be a rich, successful American living in Lima. I’m probably      the best businessman in the whole world…though I’ve never had time to go to Machu Picchu.
Random Englishman: You Americans always spend so much time talking about how great your business sense is…need I remind you your country is 18 trillion in debt?
Random American: Need I remind you that we dumped your tea in the harbor?
Random Englishman: Are you seriously bringing up the Boston tea party?
Random American Woman: I don’t like how you exploited that woman by taking her picture.
Random American: I hate it when you’re eating at a cafe and people come and ask you for money…and the car alarms go off.
Random Peruvian: That could happen in any country, if you don’t like Peru you can go back to wherever you came from!

Ahhh…just another fine day on the internet 🙂

Oh, and for the record, I did pay the woman to take her picture. I paid her $1000 just like I pay everyone whose picture I use on “Streets of Lima” because I’m the best businessman in the world, and I’m better than all of you!

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